Acts 18

The Apostle Paul has departed from Athens and traveled to Corinth. Here’s a map to show you the location of Corinth and it’s distance from Athens. Corinth Location. Personally I’ve been to Corinth. Corinth maintains many locations mentioned in the Scriptures. The location of the Synagogue, the Mountain where the Temple was located, the market, the streets with Erastus’ name printed in one of the bricks signifying he as city Treasure paid for the road. Corinth verifies the Scriptures and worth your time to visit.

In Corinth the Apostle meet Aquila and Priscilla a Jewish couple that are now Christians. With them he basically begins to Corinthian Church. First, as was his norm, Paul entered the Synagogue every Saturday to reason with the Jews and God fearers that Jesus was the Christ. When Silas and Timothy arrive from Berea Paul begins to preach daily in the city.

The Christian converts listed are:

Titius Justus

Crispus the Synagogue leader and his household

The Lord told Paul to preach on in the city for He had many people there and so he did for 18 months.

Paul seemingly always on the move to the next location left Corinth with Aquila and Priscilla for Syria and then in Ephesus he left them. Paul preached once in the Synagogue then departed to Caesarea then Antioch for some time. Then to Phrygia where he strengthened the disciples.

In Ephesus Apollos a native of Alexandria and ‘mighty in the Scriptures’ preached in the Synagogues. However he only knew of the baptism of John so Aquila and Priscilla taught him ‘the way of God more perfectly’ meaning the baptism of Christ. Then Apollos traveled to Achaia (Corinth) and preached publicly from Scripture that Jesus was the Christ.

Acts 18 provides a glimpse to the early church: preachers traveling, doctrine being corrected and bold, powerful public preaching. This appears to be an exciting time as the church was birthed in the Mediterranean basin.

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