Acts 17

Acts 17 the Apostle Paul enters Thessalonica, enters the Jewish synagogue and as was his custom he began to teach. His intention was to teach them that “…Christ must needs have suffered, and risen again from the dead; and that this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ” (17:2). Some Jews believed, many devout Greeks and chief women. But the unbelieving Jews started a riot and went to Paul’s host’s home, Jason, to drag them to the city rulers (16) claiming they were teaching there is another King Jesus. The people and rulers were troubled when they heard these assertions.

Thus Paul and Silas departed for Berea. The Bereans were ‘more noble’ than the Thessalonians and received the Word and many believed including many Greeks. But the Jews from Thessalonica followed them and started another riot so Paul departed for Athens and Silas and Timothy stayed in Berea.

In Athens Paul sees the idolatry of the city and begins to dispute with the Jews in the synagogue and in the market place daily with devout people. Some Epicureans and Stoics heard Paul preach the resurrection and they brought him to the aeropagus to tell everyone his message.

In verses 22-31 Paul give his speech explaining who God with these points:

God made the world

God needs nothing from man

God does not live in temples made by men’s hands

God made man

God wants man to seek Him

God theefore is not made of gold or silver

God commands all men now to repent to believe in Him

God has appointed one man to judge the world in righteousness

God proved it by raising Him from the dead.

Some believed and some mocked. Dionysius and Damaris believed and followed Paul.

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