Acts 21

The ever moving Apostle Paul then traveled to Cos, Rhodes, Patara, Phoencia, Syria and ultimately landed at Tyre. He stayed with the disciples 7 days with the disciples. The disciples told Paul not to go to Jerusalem but he said farewell and departed. Then he was on to Ptolemais, and then Caesarea where he stayed … More Acts 21

Acts 20

Verses 1-6 Paul leaves Ephesus traveling through Macedonia, Philippi, Thesollonica, Berea, encouraging the brothers and ended up in Greece for 3 months. But due to the Jews plotting to kill him Paul decided to return to Syria (Troas) where he remained for 7 days. He traveled again through Macedonia. Pauls traveling companions: Sopater son of … More Acts 20

Acts 19

The Apostle Paul is in Ephesus. The chapter has three sections: Verses: 1 – 7 Baptism of Holy Spirit Paul explains the baptism of the Holy Spirit to disciples of John the Baptist. John’s baptism was for repentance towards the One who was coming after him: Jesus. John had told the people, “One is coming … More Acts 19

Acts 18

The Apostle Paul has departed from Athens and traveled to Corinth. Here’s a map to show you the location of Corinth and it’s distance from Athens. Corinth Location. Personally I’ve been to Corinth. Corinth maintains many locations mentioned in the Scriptures. The location of the Synagogue, the Mountain where the Temple was located, the market, … More Acts 18