Deuteronomy 8

Themes: keep the Commandments so that you may be fruitful and multiply and possess the promised land.  In keeping the Commandments you learn that man does not lie by bread alone but by ‘everything that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord’. If you don’t keep the commandments you will perish. Verses 1 –  4: … More Deuteronomy 8

Deuteronomy 7

Themes: Israel charged with destroying the 7 idolatrous Canaanite nations; no intermarrying; holiness leads away from idolatry; the Lord loved Israel because of His promise to their forefathers; the Lord keeps His covenant to those who keep His Word; the Lord destroys idolaters who do not keep His Word; the Lord blesses those who keep … More Deuteronomy 7

Deuteronomy 6

Themes: You were once a slave in Egypt and the Lord your God brought you out to take you into the Promised Land; therefore obey the Lord your God so that you can live long in the land the Lord is giving you. These verses correlate directly to our Christian life: Jesus led us out … More Deuteronomy 6

Deuteronomy 5

Themes: God speaks to us directly; God makes a covenant with us directly; God has a mediator between Himself and His people; God speaks to teach His people His commands and statutes that life will go well for His people and their children; Man does not want to hear God speak to him. Verses 1-5: … More Deuteronomy 5

Deuteronomy 4

Themes: God’s promises are conditional; the Lord is revered for the gift of His presence and righteous laws; teach the commands to your children; idolatry forbidden at any time; repentance from idolatry is always received; the Lord demonstrates He is God; obedience leads to living in the land; Verses 1-5: God says to keep His … More Deuteronomy 4

Deuteronomy 3

Themes: God gives the victory and defeats our enemies; we must fight the battle in our humanity; God is specific, gives rest after the battle and keeps His promises and judgements. Verses 1-11: God sent Israel to battle and defeat Og King of Bishon. Israel took possession of all of Og’s cities in accordance with … More Deuteronomy 3

Deuteronomy 2

Themes: Back to the beginning; God keeps His promise; Possession of the Land. Verse 1: After Israel’s defeat the Lord led Israel back towards the Red Sea symbolizing a return to where they began. They would be reminded of where the came from as they saw the Red Sea. They would remember passing through the … More Deuteronomy 2

Deuteronomy 1

Israel is now at the gates of the Promised Land.  Moses begins by recapping Israel’s journey to the point. Themes: God keeps His promises; God always takes the lead in providing whether it be protection, care, sustenance, etc. His people are always recipient’s of His grace. His people never lead. He is specific in His … More Deuteronomy 1