Morning Readings: Job 32 & Acts 17:17-34 [July 13]

Job 32

Elihua, apparently the youngest there, after showing respect to Job and the three friends is preparing to share his thoughts with them all.

Acts 17:17-34

Now in Athens Paul, as an evangelist, goes into the synagogues, as usual,  and the marketplace everyday. He continues to preach Jesus and the resurrection.  Why?  Because he wants the people to believe in the Lord Jesus.

Main points:

  • he preaches vs. other actions he might have taken.
  • he preaches Christ and the resurrection vs. other messages.
  • he preaches where the people are: synagogues and market places.

Also, Paul discovers, Athens is given over to idolatry as he sees all the statues to gods including the ‘Unknown God’ so in his message at the Areopagus he addresses this obvious point as he explains who God is, that He is the judge of the world and He has appointed a Man by which to judge us according to His righteousness.

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