Pace of a Plant

Life has a speed to it and you can define that speed as the ‘pace of a plant’ as a friend of mine said once.  In other words look at nature and you will see how fast God intends for life to move.

This is important to the Gospel because it sets the reality and your expectation of what happens when the Gospel is preached.

Although technology would have us believe and therefore operate as if the Gospel moves as quickly as a text message the fact is it moves at the ‘pace of a plant’.

This means it moves slow like a seed being planted which begins to bear fruit, see Jesus’ parable of the sower, and therefore the seed of the Gospel should be tended to daily or frequently like a plant in order to nurture it into a mature plant that bears much fruit.

You can neither neglect the Gospel seed nor act as if it will spring to maturity overnight.  No Gospel work is daily which involves pruning and watering and planting in new fields.

The goal today is to understand the work of the Sower and that the Gospel expands not by accelerating the growth of the seed but by sowing It in new fields.

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