Luke 4:1-13 ‘The devil’s 3 temptations’

The Scriptures teach in Luke 4:1-13 the three general temptations of the devil to man as he tempts Jesus:

#1 do what he says vs. what God says in His Word. [Luke 4:3-4]

#2 worship him to get what you want in this life vs. waiting patiently for God to grant it to us. [Luke 4:5-8]

#3 twisting Scripture to put God to the test vs. rightly dividing and obeying the Word.  [Luke 4:9-12]

Additional consider the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to prepare Him for testing from the devil.  He was there for 40 days vs. 40 years for Israel. But The Lord was in a mano a mano battle with the devil for supremacy over creation and apparently the battle in the wilderness was quickly won.

This leads us to understand the temptations of the devil to Christians. So be ready for the voices of the world that tell you to: do what the world says; worship another God and twist Scripture for your gain.

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