Exodus 12:1-13 The prototype offering

The prototype offering is demonstrated in the in initial Passover meal that is detailed in Exodus 12:1 – 13. .This means the categories that must be addressed in our salvation are revealed fully in the Passover.

They are:

I.     Judgement: Judgement was coming from the Angel of Death.

II.     Atonement: the shedding of blood.

III.    Substitutionary sacrifice: the offering of a lamb in Israel’s place.

IV.   Justice: The fire that cooks the lamb shows the Israelites God will keep His promise.

V.    Mercy: the lamb offered to propitiate the Angel of Death’s actions.

VI.    Fellowship: the eating of the lamb symbolizing the Israelites relationship with God.

VII.    Righteousness: the particular clothing demonstrates their need to be righteous.

VIII.  Faith: they had to act on the instructions to receive the benefit.

IX.    Consequences:  if they didn’t follow the instructions their first born sons would die.

X.   Destruction: all idols are destroyed and rendered useless.

Like in all of His work the Lord provided early examples in Scripture, meaning the life of Israel, what He would require and fulfill through His Son.  Jesus kept every jot and tittle of the law which is found in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and repeated in Deuteronomy.

The Passover Meal shows us what He kept in regards to man’s redemption.

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