Categories of theological thought

There are only  handful of categories of thought in the Bible: God’s work and man’s work; God’s law and man’s responsibility; God’s nature and man’s nature; Church and family order; sin and salvation.  The details of these categories comprise the Bible.

Hence when you read through Genesis you are reading the details of these categories.

Often what divides men are the details of these categories. For instance under the category of “Sin and Salvation” would be regeneration or the new birth.  The question is how, when and where does it happen?

For a Lutheran they would say regeneration happens in baptism and a Baptist would say if can happen anywhere by the work of the Spirit.  But both agree that God does the regenerating.

The key in theological discussions is to see if you agree at the categorical level and then break down your understanding of the particular details. This way you gain a glimpse into another’s understanding of the Word which is the goal in theological studies.

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