GW Sermon: 16 -The Observation of the Birth of Christ, the Duty of all Christians; or the True Way of Keeping Christmas

The point of the sermon is to encourage Christians to celebrate Christmas for if Christ came into the world to redeem us then we should celebrate his presence. GW expounds upon how to properly celebrate Christmas.

You do not celebrate Christmas rightly when you:

  • play cards, at dice, or any diversion whatsoever to pass away a tedious evening.
  • go to the Lord’s table then return home to engage in devilish activities.
  • eating and drinking to excess.
  • who neglect their worldly callings to follow pleasures and diversions.

You do celebrate Christmas rightly when you:

  • spend hours in reading, praying, and religious conversation.
  • let the good things of life, you enjoy, be used with moderation.
  • let me beg of you not to alienate too much of your time from the worldly business of this life, but have a proper regard thereunto, and then you may be said rightly to observe this festival.

Lastly, if Jesus has come into the world to bless us with every spiritual blessing let us celebrate his birth and not be silent about Him and His amazing love.

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