Whitefield Sermon: the Righteousness of Christ; an Everlasting Righteousness

God brings His light upon us gradually.

  • Daniel read his Bible and found out the time of Israel’s deliverance was at hand.
  • Daniel’s prayer chapter 4. He was praying and confessing his sins and the sins of Israel.
  • During Daniel’s prayer at the hour of oblation, 3:00 PM the Angel Gabriel arrived with a message.
  • Gabriel says at 70 weeks is the time of reconciliation and an everlasting righteousness is being brought to Israel.

Whitefield describes this everlasting righteousness: the combination of Christ’s active and passive obedience.

  • This righteousness is imputed to man’s account since Adam and Eve ate from the tree in the garden.
  • This righteousness is everlasting because:
    • God intended it for us from eternity.
    • all the Saints that have been saved have received this righteousness.
    • all Saints redeemed under the law and the Gospel are saved by Jesus Christ.
    • of its efficacy.
    • its endures to everlasting life.
    • those that are saved are saved by Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ brought in this everlasting righteousness. He is the Noon day sun.
  • Christ brings in this righteousness into the hearts of believers.

This everlasting righteousness of and from Christ is availed to sinners.

The righteousness of sinners is insufficient to atone for their sin.

Come and receive the everlasting righteousness of the Son.

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