The Great Commission takes place where the minister is located

The Great Commission, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching His commands, takes place in many settings with a variety of types of interaction between the minister and the people.

As an evangelist this setting is most often outside the location where the church gathers for corporate worship and discipleship. In the US and the Western world as we have sought the lost that happens for us at major sporting events for two reasons: one, because thousands upon thousands of souls attend these events and second, sporting events creates a community of souls whereby you can penetrate with a consistent presence to minister personally.

One main point here is that Great Commission work for us looks different than for other evangelists and ministers of the Gospel. But nevertheless our work is Great Commission work.

As a ‘Great Commission’ evangelist the Lord has taught me, and I have begun to emphasize this to other evangelists, that from the fans and local citizens perspective we are ministers of the Gospel. The fan and local citizen listen to the evangelist and if the evangelist has something valuable to say and they will probably listen.

Thus the ‘Great Commission’ evangelist prepares for their ministry as the Apostles did in Acts 6:4 when they said their work was to be about the Word of God and prayer. If any minister prepares in this fashion then anytime they preach and teach they are engaging in the Great Commission. To bring the point full circle the Great Commission is in effect based on the preparation of the minister and thus takes place wherever they are located.

Above you see Brian preaching and teaching at the MLB All-Star Celebration in Denver. The fans are hearing his message and while you can see their response in their heart and mind they are being impacted by his message.

Above you see Pat, wearing a tam in the middle of the picture, talking with a couple who stopped because of the sign. To Pat’s right is Tracy his wife and to his left Steve engaging in Great Commission work.

Lastly, Dave, seated, is explaining the Gospel and teaching this man.

Again, the conclusion is the Great Commission takes place where the minister is located.

The intention of the minister will create different formats of interaction with people. Some ministers lead a congregation so their format has a style where the members and visitors of the congregation can gather for corporate teaching; other ministers teach men preparing for vocational ministry work; others teach in an academic classroom setting; others use technology to teach online and others use a corner of of a busy downtown or a table on a university campus to engage in the Great Commission.

The Great Commission is accomplished by ministers who see their work to be about the Word of God and prayer and they can preach the Gospel and teach the commands of the Lord from any location.

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