Evening Readings: Job 42 & Matthew 7:7-29 [July 15]

Job 42

Job, after four chapters of the Lord castigating him for justifying himself and pronouncing His greatness to Job, repents of his previous statements and acknowledges that he did not know the Lord.

The Lord restores Job’s fortunes twofold and gave him 140 more years on the earth.

Matthew 7:7-29


Jesus concludes His historic and life nation changing Sermon on the Mount.  First, He gives hope and directions of how to receive eternal life (the Holy Spirit) with His exhortation to ask!  His illustrations of a child asking for bread and a fish are to assure us if we ask God for His Spirit He will give it!

Then perhaps the greatest summary ever as He gives what is commonly known as the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Then Jesus says the narrow gate, or faith in Him, is the way to life.

Then He describes the way to know a false prophet: what kind of fruit do they bear.

He says true disciples do the will of His Father in heaven; finally that anyone who builds their life on His teachings will have a foundation that can endure the storms of life.

In other words Jesus sets forth a path to eternal life and glory with the Father: first, ask for the Holy Spirit; treat others as you wish to be treated; He is the the narrow way; the Spirit in you will bear fruit of a true prophet; that true disciples do the will of His Father in heaven and those who follow this pathway will have a stable foundation for their life.  All of these actions are because the disciple asks and the Father gives His Spirit.




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