Evening Readings: Job 40 & Matthew 6:19-7:6 [July 14]

Job 40

The Lord continues to reveal Himself to Job that Job would understand who He is. Listen to these words:

  • “Will the faultfinder contend with the Almighty?
    Let him who reproves God answer it.”

Job did find fault with ‘the Almighty’ as he justified himself.  The Lord’s answers are to Job and all of humanity for everyone has the same heart towards the Lord.

Job rightfully confesses as best as man can:

  • “Behold, I am insignificant; what can I reply to You?
    I lay my hand on my mouth.
  • “Once I have spoken, and I will not answer;
    Even twice, and I will add nothing more.”

But the Lord will not relent of His correction to Job. Here are some Words of the Lord:

  • “Will you really annul My judgment?
    Will you condemn Me that you may be justified?
  •  “Or do you have an arm like God,
    And can you thunder with a voice like His?
  • “Adorn yourself with eminence and dignity,
    And clothe yourself with honor and majesty.
  • “Pour out the overflowings of your anger,
    And look on everyone who is proud, and make him low.
  • “Look on everyone who is proud, and humble him,
    And tread down the wicked [a]where they stand.
  • “Hide them in the dust together;
    Bind them in the hidden place.
  • “Then I will also confess to you,
    That your own right hand can save you.

At this point, though not the end of the Lord’s castigation of Job, every soul on earth should drop their head and confess they have not known how blasphemous their views of the Lord are and how much correction is needed.

Matthew 6:19 – 7:6

Jesus again has several direct messages:

  • Store up treasure in heaven vs on the earth. [this is done by doing what you do to be seen by God and not man].
  • Your eye needs to be clear (sincere vs. evil) so your entire body will be filled with light.
  • You can only serve one master: God or money [the Pharisees loved money and therefore sought the praise of man rather than the praise of God]
  • Don’t worry about this life: what to eat and wear. But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
  • Don’t judge. [this doesn’t mean to not make judgements but to not have a judgmental heart – looking for wrong in everyone].
  • Keep the Word for those who are eager to receive it; not dogs, workers of iniquity, who reject it.

These directions are to be pondered on how they apply to you and what changes you need to make to come into agreement with them.

The best idea is to continue to read the Bible daily, 2 chapters in the morning and 2 in the evening, so the Word and Spirit will work within your souls to bring forth understanding and application.





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