Jesus – was a preacher

Jesus was a preacher.  How else did He communicate His message except by preaching it? Preaching is what the entire world does to communicate its various messages. The word for proclaiming a message that you want people to turn and believe is preaching.

Christian preaching has a distinct look and feel. In our day people recoil from this type of communication and they want to say that Jesus was not a preacher; that apparently His strategy was to simply be kind to everyone and sit with them to gently teach.

Do the Gospels lend themselves to this idea?  No.  His ministry consisted of itinerant preaching, teaching and healing.  His Words were eternally powerful thereby creating a massive following to the point that He became a threat to the Jewish leadership.

Think of someone you know who is kind, warm and gentle.  Do they have a large following?  Are they a threat to anyone?

Jesus came preaching and teaching the Kingdom of Heaven meaning He brought the power of God with Him and His message contrasted the existing teaching in Israel.

While He was kind and gentle He was not passive or timid.

Preaching sets one out in the open and forces them to make bold, clear and instructional statements. Preaching itself brings conflict with those who disagree.  Why else would people turn on Jesus except His they disagreed with the message He was preaching.

Jesus was a preacher – He brought a message from His Father in heaven. He brought it with power. He expected people to repent and believe It.  Those who didn’t believe It crucified Him.  There is no way around this reality.







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