Jeremiah 16:19-21 – Commentary

V. 18. I will recompense—Before I will restore them, I will plentifully punish them, (for so double here signifies, not the double of what their sins deserve.) Defied—By their idolatry, blood and cruelty. Detestable—Unclean beasts offered to their idols, or innocent persons slain by them.

V. 21. Therefore—Because all the mercy I have shewed them, will not learn them to know my might, I will once for all make them to understand it, by the dreadful strokes of my vengeance. And—They shall know that my name is Jehovah; that I am not such a one as their idols, but one who have my being from myself, and give life and being to all other things, and have all might and power in my hand, and can do whatsoever I please.

Wesley, J. (1765). Explanatory Notes upon the Old Testament (Vol. 3, pp. 2175–2176). Bristol: William Pine.

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