Leviticus 15: clean and unclean continued

Leviticus 15 discusses the normal discharges of men and women.  Each discharge makes the respective man or woman unclean and therefore unable to come to the sanctuary.

The remedies for the uncleanness are et forth in the chapter but the major point is that discharges make us unclean and therefore we are to see ourselves as unclean.

In other words if you are a woman having your period you are unclean – this means don’t go out in public – touching other people because you are dirty, unclean.

Men likewise, who see themselves perhaps as great lovers are actually unclean from the act of sex in addition to committing fornication.  In other words you are dirty. Don’t go out in public shaking hands and/or doing business because you are unclean.

Like a baby with a dirty diaper.  They are unclean and need to be made clean and no one wants a baby with a dirty diaper change them arrow,d putting their hands on everything.

Uncleanness leads to negative health.  Once huge medical advancement in the 20th Century was clean hospitals.

To be ‘quarantined’ until you are clean is best for everyone’s health.

Now consider coming to God in an unclean state.  Do you think He will  be excited to see you?  No.  Go home. Get clean.

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