Ministry Partners

This page contains opportunities to partner with the Gospel ministry of Bill Adams. The first two options provide you a product for your money. All sales generate income for Bill’s ministry. The third option is a direct donation.

#1 Become a Preferred Customer at Melaleuca.

Melaleuca is the largest online wellness shopping club in the world. They sell products in four categories: nutrition, personal care, home cleaning and cosmetics. Their web site:

Melaleuca was begun in 1985, has over 400 products, $1.75 billion in annual sales and 1,000,000 active customers.

To be a Preferred Customer requires a minimum expenditure of $50 – $70 monthly. However, since you would probably be exchanging where you presently purchase certain items there would be no or limited increase in expense to you.

That’s it. To pursue this opportunity enter your contact information on this page: / Click on this message in the top right hand corner of the page:

CONTACT WILLIAM ADAMS to become a Member

You can also become a Melaleuca representative. Here’s information on income for Reps: Melaleuca Representative Income Information.  Let me know and it can be arranged.

#2 Purchase XM+

If you simply desire to bring nutrition to your body then purchase XM+ from Isagenix. I’ve been using XM+ for seven years now and I can no longer remember how weak and tired I used to feel.  XM+ was the first step towards a much healthier life and body.

Isagenix main page: Isagenix

This one has the benefits of the XM+ at the bottom of the page: XM+ Product and Moringa Information

You can also distribute XM+ products too.

#3 You can donate directly to Bill’s ministry.

For tax deductible donations you can use the online platform below or mail a check made out to:

The Ministry of Unification, Inc.

200 W. MLK Blvd #1000 Chattanooga, TN 37402.

[If you don’t need a tax deduction then you can make a check out to: Bill Adams].

Click on the Donate Button below and the form will pop up: