John Henry Newman – Part 3

JHN’s goal was to unify the church. He moved from the individual interpretation of John Calvin into the idea the Church was the interpreter of Truth.  JHN then developed an understanding of threats to Church unity: Erastianism, Liberalism, Protestantism and even Roman Catholicism.  Hence his ultimate attempt at unity was Tract 90 where he sought to evaluate them in light of a Catholic perspective.

JHN’s sermons would reflect this trajectory and you can assume his efforts in his sermons were to bring forth a unity: refute the threats to unity and affirm unifying perspectives.

JHN would provide unique insight into Anglican and Roman Catholic interaction.  Hence JHN thought that Supremacy was the primary matter between King Henry VIII and the Pope was the reason for the departure of the Church of England from Roman rule in the 16th Century and why Queen Elizabeth would not return to Rome during her reign.


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